Competition winners

20x$50 Purkle Dollars

01-08-2017 to 30-08-2017

Thanks for the great news. Its a great surprise to win $50 just for referring a great survey program to friends! Absolutely made my week to see your email

Wow thank you so much! I really appreciate it, I look forward to signing in and seeing my Purkle Dollars! Totally made my day!! Thank you again, I'm ecstatic!! :)

Wow ! Thank you so much, this will really help coming into Christmas!

I would like to thank Purkle. I'm 59 year old and brought a lot of raffle tickets, other things and never won anything. Thanks very much.

This is fantastic news! I love the Purkle website and the rewards are fantastic. I have been able to treat myself and friends with things I would not normally have the cash for which is a really satisfying feeling. Thank you so much!! I am going to keep on referring friends and family to join.

Stoked to win this prize! I've been with Purkle for a few months and love the rewards - thank you!

Awesome ! Thankyou Purkle for your generosity. Couldn't come at a better time with Xmas just around the corner. Looking forward to doing many more surveys with Purkle. Fantastic site and totally recommend.

OMG!!! Wow, thanks to my mates for signing up and also woooooo! Couldn't have come at a better time! I love doing the surveys as it allows me to get vouchers for treats! Thank you!!!!

Oh wow thank you so, so much. I never expected to win so this is such a nice surprise, especially with Christmas around the corner. I have been saving up my points all year and this win will help with Christmas. Thanks so much, I love Purkle :)

30 x $30 Woolworths WISH eGift Card

05-06-2017 to 02-07-2017

That's a great start to the week and thank you so much its very appreciated!!! Can't believe I have won!!

It's wonderful that you include monthly prize draws, in addition to the Purkle dollars. It give people even more of an incentive to participate and helps build a user base. Thank you Purkle!

Thank you for the nice news.

I was very excited to receive this bonus. I complete these surveys and collect $ so that at Xmas I have some extra funds to spend on luxuries. I never really thought that these bonus entries would actually result in a bonus. Thanks from one very happy Purkle contributor.

Thanks for the gift card and keep up the good work